Getting Support for Account Authentication

During AWS account setup, sometimes problems may arise when validating contact number information, such as failure to receive SMS messages or calls from the AWS. To remediate this issue, please follow the following steps to complete the vation of the account information:


Verify your account information

Kindly check your account details again and make sure they are entered correctly:

  • Check that the phone number and international calling code are correctly enetered to receive SMS or calls.
  • If you use a mobile phone, check your phone to make sure you are still within coverage to receive SMS or calls.
  • Check that the payment method information has been entered correctly.

Create a support case with AWS Support

If you are still not able to receive an SMS message or authentication call even after verifying your account information, please contact AWS Support to assist you in manually activating your account.

  1. Go to the AWS Support Console and select Create case.

AWS Support

  1. Select Account and billing support and enter the support information:

    Type: Select Account.

    Category: Select Activation.

    Subject: Write your encounter briefly (e.g. Did not receive an SMS message or call for verification)

    Description: Provide details of your situation.

    Attachments: Attach any images which may lend greater clarify to the situation.

AWS Support

  1. Under Contact options, select Chat in Contact methods.

AWS Support

  1. Click Submit.
  2. The AWS Support team will contact you and assist in activating your account.

You can create support requests with AWS Support even if your account is not activated.